Day: December 7, 2016

A Do It Yourself Birthday

A birthday celebration is something that your child is likely to remember for the rest of her life. Even if your child is too young to understand what is going on and why the party is being help, she will still create memories that may last a lifetime.

Unlike these modern birthday parties where the whole party and the party planning is outsourced to a party planner for a big amount of money, the best parties were the ones of days gone by where the parents planned the whole party themselves. In fact, a party that is planned and created from scratch will not only be a lot more fun and a lot more memories but it will also cost next to nothing to have. It is important for you to use this opportunity as a learning experience for your child. Have your child get involved with planning the party and ask your child her opinion on what she would like at her party. The fun of a birthday party starts the moment that you start planning the party which should ideally be at least a month ahead of time.

Decorations and activities

You can start making the decorations for the birthday party a few months ahead of time. In fact, you can show your child a few tutorials about how to make birthday party decorations and have your child make the decorations herself. This will give her a sense of pride in what she has created and it will give her an opportunity to tell her family, friends and other guests that she made all of the decorations herself. Party photo booth hire can be expensive and therefore, you should make your own photo booth for your child’s party. Visit this link for more info on instagram printer hire. 

You might want to go to a photo booth hire company and take a look at the photo booths that they have on offer in order to get a few ideas for your own photo booth. Ask your daughter to give her own ideas for what she wants the photo booth to look like.

You can choose to have a party theme based on your child’s favourite television show, her favourite character or even her favourite book to make things more interesting for her. A quick look on the internet will give you hundreds of amazing do it yourself ideas for the birthday party. Your child will not only have a lot of fun making all of the things she needs for the party but she will also learn a lot about creativity and how to use different techniques and methods.